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The company LLC “LANDGRAIN” is the owner of a modern cereal plant and its own strategic granaries, which operate the most modern conditions for processing and storing various cereals. Thanks to modern approaches in personnel policy…


Production capacity

LLC “Landgrain” has the best conditions for corn processing and unique production technologies. We also sell by-products of corn processing, namely: corn seeding (bran) and corn germ. Corn germ is used for the production of corn oil, gluten…



Each batch of grits is accompanied with the quality documents, which indicate quality indicators with marks on the control of the content of toxic elements, mycotoxins, radionuclides and pesticides. All LANDGRAIN products are labeled and…



Every day, companies of different specifics are faced with the need to transport various types of goods. From small office moves to large uninterrupted supplies of raw materials or finished products to customers. Sometimes the success of a multi-million dollar deal depends on timely and high-quality delivery! Many large corporations do not have their own fleet of vehicles on the balance sheet of the company and cooperate with outsourcing companies. Thus, this is the most optimal way to solve logistics
The company “Landgrain” with many years of experience in the field of cargo transportation will provide you with the required amount of equipment. Our team of professionals in the shortest possible time organizes road transportation to any corner of our country (controlled territory of Ukraine), will help minimize transportation costs and optimize the process of transporting goods. We work only with trusted and conscientious carriers, an extensive database of which numbers about 1200 transport owners.
Serving not only the internal needs of our company, the transport department with specialists in their field provides logistics services to other companies. Such as: elevators, holdings, manufacturers…



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